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Real-Time Group Physiological Monitoring

FireHUD provides easy-to-use group monitoring to improve situational awareness and keep your team safe. Our mission is to reduce line-of-duty deaths for our frontline workers.

First Responders


Industrial Services

Rugged, Responsive, Ready For Action

3+ Day Battery Life

Real-Time Monitoring

Automated and Simple

Water Resistant

Heat Resistant

Rugged and Durable

Deep Indoor Signal Penetration

Set Your Own Alerts

Monitor Your Entire Team

Analyze Trends. Manage Exertion Levels.

Smart PPE

Stop guessing how your team is doing and focus more on the task at hand. FireHUD provides smart PPE that alerts for heat stress and overexertion. Sensors measure health data including heart rate, core body temperature, exertion and more using passive, real time wearable technology.

BioTrac System in use at Barrow County FD, in Georgia

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March 25, 2020

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